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ONE Bank Limited Green PIN Service
1. What is Green PIN?

Green PIN is a paperless PIN generation service for all types of Cards through Contact Center IVR system. It is an easier and more faster PIN generation service where cardholders can generate or reissue their Card’s PIN by making calls to 24/7 Contact Center number 16269 or 09666716269 using their system registered contact number from anywhere at their convenience.

2. What are the services offered by ONE Bank Green PIN Service to its valued cardholders?

There are three ways to get Green PIN related services offered to OBL valued cardholders:

New Card PIN Generation
Forgotten Card PIN Reset
Lost Card PIN Reissue
3. What are the Fees and Charges of OBL Green PIN service?

No Fees and Charges will be applicable for new PIN Generation. For forgotten or lost PIN reset of existing card, the charges will be imposed as follows:

Description Classic Credit (BDT) Gold Credit (BDT) Platinum Credit (BDT) Debit (BDT) Travel/Versatile (BDT)
PIN issuance Fee (1st time) Free Free Free Free Free
PIN Reset Fee 300.00 300.00 500.00 200.00 200.00
4. At the time of availing OBL Green PIN services what would be the Card Status?

While a cardholder requested for availing OBL Green PIN generation or reset service the card status must be in ACTIVE state. Cards in INACTIVE state will not be entitled to get any Green PIN service.

5. Can any cardholder avail Green PIN service calling from any Mobile or BTCL number?

It is obligatory for the valued OBL cardholder to call from System Registered Mobile Number to avail all the service under Green PIN menu.

6. Is it possible if any cardholder can generate PIN(s) for his/her multiple cards in just one call?

As per OBL policy one cardholder can generate PIN for only one card on single call.

7. How can OBL Cardholder generate Green PIN using IVR?

Follow the steps listed below to generate Green PIN using IVR. Please find the below procedure for Green PIN generation or reissue through our ONE Bank Contact Center.

Step 1:

Local callers will call on 16269 or 09666716269 and for overseas callers will call on +880 9666716269 through their registered mobile number.

Step 2:

After connecting the call customer will listen language select option Bengali or English.

Step 3:

VIP marked cardholders will be listening agent service selection option and green PIN selection option. Customer will select Green PIN menu by pressing 3


For general customer, customer will be listening other all service selection option and green PIN selection option. Customer will select Green PIN menu by pressing 3.

Step 4:

After selecting green PIN menu customer will enter 16-digit card number.

Step 5:

Call will be landing to CSE service for caller verification. After Caller verification agent will transfer that call to Green PIN IVR.


Caller Verification: After call landing to CSE, CRM page will be pop-up with appear customer information. Here customer information will appear only for his/her registered mobile number and provided card number. After that CSE will verify caller as per their policy.

Step 6:

Customer will enter 4-digit card expiry date with the associate card number.

Step 7: Customer will enter 4-digit New PIN number.
Step 8: Customer will Re-enter 4-digit New PIN number.
Step 9:

Customer will listen PIN generation Successful or Unsuccessful announcement from IVR. Also Customer will get a SMS & Email notification on successful PIN generation.

8. How long does this service take for PIN generation or reset?

OBL Green PIN generation service may take real time within the caller remains on call queue when the caller calls at OBL 24/7 Contact Centre from anywhere anytime at their convenience. But client must have to wait in IVR queue based on Contact Center call pressure. 

9. Is any out bound calls will be conducted for generating Green PIN services?

It is strictly mentioned that for system design & security purpose no out bound calls from OBL Contact Center will be conducted to cardholders. Only the incoming calls from cardholder’s registered number shall be entertained for generating Green PIN services.

10. Green PIN service available for any Supplementary Card(s) or Primary cardholder needs to call for this?

If the valued primary and supplementary cardholder’s registered contact numbers are same then the primary cardholder needs to make call for availing supplementary card’s Green PIN service. In case of different registered contact number, respective supplementary cardholder needs to make call for Green PIN service.

11. Is there any time & limit related restrictions regarding generating or reset card PIN?

As per OBL policy a cardholder can generate card PIN UNLIMITED times in a day.

12. Can any cardholder get paper-based card PIN generation service?

No, only Green PIN generation services through IVR will be practiced as OBL discontinued paper-based card PIN generation services.

13. In case of using Smartphone, can any cardholder avail Green PIN service?

As it is an IVR based service so using Smartphone is not mandatory. Our valued cardholders can avail service by calling at our 24/7 Contact Centre with his/her registered contact number.

14. Can Green PIN service be availed on behalf of cardholder’s friends or family if they are unable to take the services by themselves?

No, this service cannot be conducted by someone else as this a violation of card and information security. Only cardholder can generate his/her PIN.

15. How Green PIN service can be availed if a cardholder is in abroad?

If cardholder’s registered Contact number is in roaming mode and remains with him/her then he/she can get this service easily by calling +8809666716269.


Full IVR menu mapping for generating Green PIN service

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