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Monthly Money Maker
Monthly Money Maker Scheme is a special type of Fixed Deposit Account which provides the applicant with monthly interest accrued from the Fixed Deposit to the applicant's savings/current account. The key features of this product are:
Deposit Amount:

In multiples of Tk.50,000.00 (Taka Fifty Thousand Only).

Initial Deposit Date: Any day of the month.
Interest Due: One month after the initial deposit date, the interest will be credited to the savings/current account.
Savings Account: Clients must have or open a savings/current account through which initial deposit will be collected.

The monthly interest accrued on the deposit will be disbursed to the client through this savings/current account.

Interest Payout Mode:

Interest payout mode should be transfer to savings/current account.

Interest Payout Frequency: Interest Payout Frequency should be monthly.
Auto Closure of Account: The account will immediately cease to operate in case of death of the depositor.
Amount Monthly Amount Monthly Amount After deduction of Tax @ 10% Monthly Amount After deduction of Tax @ 15% Tenor Interest Rate
Tk.1,00,000.00 416.67 375.00 354.17 1 Year 5.00%
458.33 412.50 389.58 3 Years 5.50%
500.00 450.00 425.00 5 Years 6.00%
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