• Protect your PIN & Password

Personal Identification Number (PIN) Security

  • Never give your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to anyone even a caller claiming to be from the POLICE, RAB or your BANK.
  • Never keep your PIN written anywhere. Always memorise your PIN. If you have multiple PINs for different cards and memorising your PINs is difficult for you then you may try to save your PIN in a text file and then encrypt the file with a reputed encryption software. The instruction for encrypting your text file is given below. In this instruction, we used 7zip software for encryption purpose.
    1. If you are running 32-bit Windows machine then download the 7zip installer file from the link.

    2. For 64-bit Windows version download the 7zip installer file from the link.

    3. Install 7zip with default installing options.

    4. Now open a Notepad from Windows “Start” menu. Write your PINs in the Notepad and save as text file. For example, you saved your text file as ppp.txt in your computer.

    5. Right click on the file and you will see 7zip explorer extensions have been added.

      Select the options as shown in circles of the picture.

    6. After 7zip window is popped up, do as circled in the picture and then press OK. Choose your password wisely. Password must be strong which should be combination of capital letter, number and special characters and must be of at least 8-digit long.

    7. You must delete the original file which was a plain text file.

    8. Now you will see zip folder of your encrypted text file in the drive. The icon may vary depending on the default zip programme that has been installed in your computer. In this demo machine, Winrar programme has been installed. Either way, you will be able to unlock the zip file for later use.

    9. Do not lose this zip file. You may keep several backups of the zip file in cloud or in your other storage devices.

    10. For decryption or unlocking the zip file do as follows. Right click on the zip (encrypted) folder that you created.

    11. Open as shown

    12. Use the password to unlock. The password is the same password when created during the encryption mentioned in 6.

    13. You see the file is unlocked.

    14. After using, close the file and 7zip window. Every time you intend to use your desired PIN (in case, you don’t remember it), you have to unlock the file in this way. But you don’t have to encrypt the file again.

Wish you a secured banking.