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Allah is the best creator. Allah has sent Prophets with a proper guidebook to direct the mankind into righteous way, this is Islam.

AL NOOR Islami Banking

Islami Banking

Islami Banking has experienced a phenomenal growth and expansion in Bangladesh in the backdrop of strong public demand and supports for the system alongwith its gradually increasing popularity across the world. As a result, a number of full-fledged Islami Banks has been established, while a good number of Conventional Banks have come forward to offer services compliant with Islami Shari’ah through opening of Islami Banking Branches along with Conventional ones. There is also a trend of conversion of Conventional Banks into Islami Bank.


The objectives of Islami Banks are to promote, foster and develop the application of Islami principles in the financial sector in such a manner that it helps achievement of the above objectives of the Islami Economy.

  • To establish Adl (justice), attain Hasanah (good) and Falah (welfare) in this life and the life hereafter.
  • To establish Ihsan (gracious conduct or kindness) in economic affairs.
  • To establish Ma’roof (proper or good acts, institutions) in economic life.
  • To eliminate Munkar (evil, wrong or injurious practice from economic life)
  • To free the humanity from un-wanted burdens and hackles and to make life easier for them.
  • To achieve maximum economic growth.
  • To maximize employment to ensure proper distribution of wealth in the society.
  • To achieve universal education.
  • To encourage cooperation in the Society.
  • To favoring the weaker sections of the society to establish them in life.

Difference Between Islami Banking and Conventional Banking

Sln Conventional Banking Islami Banking
01 The functions and operating modes of Conventional Banks are based on man-made principles. The functions and operating modes of Islami Banks are based on the principles of Islamic Shari’ah.
02 Lending money and getting it back with interest is the fundamental function of the Conventional Banks. Participation in partnership business & Asset based transactions is the fundamental function of the Islami Banks.
03 It can charge additional money (compound rate of interest) in case of default. The Islami Banks have no provision to charge any extra money from the defaulters & no Compounding in Capital.
04 Since income from the advances is fixed, it gives little importance to developing expertise in project appraisal and evaluations. Since it shares profit and loss, Islami Banks pay greater attention to developing project appraisal and evaluations.

OBL Al NOOR Islami Banking

Alhamdulillah, with great pleasure & shukria to Allah (Sub), ONE Bank Limited has started “Al NOOR Islami Banking Operations” with the objective to serve the Customers who prefer Islami Shari’ah-based Banking and committed to holistic belief alongwith Islami lifestyle. The brand name of ONE Bank Islami Banking is “Al NOOR”. To establish OBL Al Noor Islami Banking Operations through an introduction to diversified Investment Operations and deposit mobilizations to ensure equity and justice in all economic activities. Initially, OBL Al NOOR Islami Banking Operations is striving for inaugurating Two (02) full-fledged Islami Banking Branches in Gulshan, Dhaka and Agrabad, Chattogram. Islami Banking Operations will be operated parallel with the conventional Banking of OBL.

To ensure proper shari’ah compliance, in the meantime, a strong & competitive Shari’ah Supervisory Committee has since been constructed with the renowned Islamic Scholars, veteran experts & deep knowledge in Islami Economy, Banking & Finance, Jurisprudence and expert lawyer in Islami Baking Law. ONE Bank Limited will provide these services by separate Islami Banking Software. For distributing profit among the Mudaraba Depositors, the profit will be calculated on the basis of Income Sharing Ratio-ISR. Profit earned from investment is to be distributed among the depositors following Income Sharing Ratio-ISR system periodically & distributed profit to the Customers account can be converted into a rate each period which is final.

Initially the following Two (02) full-fledged Islami Banking branches will be opened and gradually it will be extended to the branches & windows all over the country through OBL’s Branch Network.

Gulshan Islami Banking Branch
Holdings # 97, Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Sarak,
Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan
Cell: 01313-799134

Agrabad Islami Banking Branch
HRC Bhaban (Ground Floor)
64-66, Agrabad Commercial Area
Chattogram - 4100
Cell: 01313-799135

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