• Avoid online fraud and con-artist

Avoid On-line Frauds or Scams

How to avoid On-line Frauds or Scams?

Criminals may try to contact you by email, through websites (blogs, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.), via SMS or even by phone. They will show some attractive things or promises like,

  • You have won the lottery…
  • Your account has been hacked but we have a remedy and act now or it'll be too late….
  • Business opportunities like help someone to receive big amount of money from a trustee. All you need to do is that you allow your bank account to receive the money and you will get a good cut of the money….

Do not fall for any of the above scams. If an email attachment looks suspicious, don't open it. Don't install software unless it comes from a website you trust (like this one). If it doesn't feel right, take your time.

If you suspect that there is a problem with your Personal Internet Banking, you can always talk to us first. You can choose one of the options to complain from this link.

Avoid Transaction Fraud

How does a scammer can fool you by SMS scam?

In general, Our SMS banking allows you to check your balance and receive information about performed transactions

  • Either from your side (ATM Transactions, Onsite Fund Transfer, Internet Banking Fund Transfer, Online Sell or Purchase, etc.)
  • Or from other entities (Banking Charge, Bill Payment Scheme, Direct Debit from Your Account for Different Services, Fund Transfer by others in your account etc.).

Beside, SMS PUSH PULL SERVICE and E STATEMENT SERVICE also allow you to get balance confirmation on the go.

Our legitimate OBL SMS will look like this.

However, SMS can be weakest link to be used by a scammer or fraudster. SMS scam can take place in the following way. It is possible that a scammer knows your mobile number with which your account number is tagged and your own account number.

What do you need to do to Avoid Falling Victim To Scam?

If an SMS asks for fund transfer, you should check your account balance by querying through one of the following channel. *

  • SMS query. You can apply for SMS service registration for free. Once your SMS service is enable, you can always make query about your balance. To register for SMS service please follow the link.
  • E-Statement. You can apply for OBL E-Statement service. Once your E-Statement service is activated you can always check your account balance through internet. To register for E-Statement service please follow the link.
  • Call our ONE Bank Call centre. If none of the above is available to you then you can always (24/7) call our OBL call centre at 16269 for balance enquiry.

*Never initiate any fund transfer before confirming about receiver.