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VISA Versatile Prepaid Card (Local)
OBL VISA Versatile Prepaid card is designed to fulfilling your financial requirement by expressing your elegant way of living. It is a safe and secure mode for manage your money through electronic banking channel. All ATM transactions are secured by Personal Identification Number (PIN) known by the customer only. POS transactions will not require PIN. However, all the transactions are to be authorized by the system electronically. Prepaid card is safer than carrying cash and more convenient than writing cheques for making transaction.
The Card can be used countrywide at any ATM displaying VISA Logo for withdrawal of cash, at any POS displaying VISA Logo for purchase of goods & services and in local e-payment gateway.
Bangladeshi National
Required Documents:
2 copy passport size photographs
Nationality proof documents
Complete application form
Refund Policy:
The card holder can claim for refund of the unutilized amount after traveling. Card holder can come to card division or any OBL branch to submit the refund application form. If CM has OBL account – then the unused amount will transfer his account directly for others card division will issue a Pay Order in favor of the card holder.
Call to Apply
+880 96667 16269
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