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Green Banking
We, at ONE Bank, are responsible corporate citizens. We believe that every small 'GREEN' step taken today would go a long way in building a greener future and that each one of us can work towards a better global environment. Environmental concern is at the centre of the Green Banking strategy. An increasing number of banks are strengthening green banking activities by launching environment friendly initiatives and providing innovative green products. As an environmentally responsible Bank, some of our Green Banking Initiatives are as follows:
Initiating In-house Environment Management
Training & Environment friendly activities for employees to make them environmentally concerned.
Adherence to Environmental Risk Management guidelines.
Introduction of green banking products & services.
Financing green projects.
Building awareness & providing support to customers to be more environmentally responsible.
Supporting the environment friendly initiatives as a part of CSR activities.
Forming alliance with NGOs or other environment focused organizations for our green banking activities.
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