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Term Finance & Lease Finance
OBL provides Term Loans which have specified repayment schedule with tenor up to 5 years for fixed asset financing and Term loan to NBFI, MFI and NGOs. OBL Lease finance is a mode of term finance, a convenient long term source for acquiring capital machinery, equipment and vehicles.
Project financing
Capital machinery, equipment, vehicles and fixed asset purchase
Any other legitimate business purpose
Tenor up to 5 years.
Loan ranging from Minimum Tk. 50,000 to any amount depending on business needs.
Easy loan processing.
SME Entrepreneurs age limit: 21 to 60 years.
Business must have a valid trade license and has been operating for at least 3 years or more in the same line of business
Business is required to generate sufficient cash flow and profit to ensure timely repayment of loan
Business must be a sole proprietorship, partnership or private limited company
You should have eligible property to mortgage (in applicable cases).