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OBL Trinomul
As a initiative of Financial inclusion Program and to bring financially deprived, unbanked ,grass root people of the country under banking channel, Bangladesh Bank has instructed all the Scheduled Banks for taking necessary initiative for opening of bank accounts at initial deposit of Tk.10 & financing them through those accounts at simple terms & conditions.
Bangladesh Bank has built-up a Revolving Refinance Fund of Tk. 200.00 crore from their own sources to allow Loans to Tk.10 Account Holders with easy terms & conditions.
Goals for building up /formation of the fund are as follows:
To bring financial services deprived grass root people under institutional financial inclusion program.
To expand income generating activities of small/marginal/landless farmers, low income professionals affected by natural calamity / small and marginal farmers having 10 taka accounts.
To accelerate rural economic activities by keeping those 10 taka accounts active for allowing them loans.
Interest rate is 7% p.a. on average daily credit balance and will be credited monthly
Loan tenor 1 year with monthly/quarterly installment.
Maximum loan Tk. 50,000.00 for a borrower. Group financing up to Tk. 3.00 lac.
Loan nature: Term loan
No collateral security is required.
Only personal guarantee and usual charge documents.
No service charge or processing fee.
10 Taka account holder as defined by Bangladesh Bank with necessary supporting documents.