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OBPLC Trade service Products

ONE Bank PLC offers extensive ranges of trade service products through its central trade office and regional trade centers. Our dedicated trade service team vigilantly handles export & import related activities.

Particulars :
Letter of Credit (Sight, deferred, Usance, UPAS etc).
Back to Back letter of credit.
Import documents handling.
Shipping Guarantee.
Export LC.
Export bill Negotiation.
Letter of Guarantee (BG/PG).
OBPLC SLC (Regular & One off ) on Cash retirement basis

We designed the product for foreign imports based on cash retirement at sight keeping in mind customer requirement and demand. Those who have satisfactory import performance can avail both regular and specific limit against sufficient margin.

Import of items as permitted by IPO (lmport Policy Order) for trading purpose or
Import of items for use in own factory as raw material only. This is not applicable for import of capital machineries for own use.
Capital machineries can be imported for trading purpose
Maximum net exposure Tk. 2.00 crore.
Minimum Margin requirement 20%.
Cash retirement only. No post import finance will be allowed.
Minimum 01 year satisfactory import performance with OBPLC/other bank.
SME Entrepreneurs age limit: 21 to 55 years.
At least 02 years same line business experience is required.
At least 1 year satisfactory import relationship with OBPLC/other bank.
Residence / Business premises/warehouse (minimum one address) have to be owned by customers/his or her parents / spouse