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Agent Banking
Benefits of Becoming an Agent:
Obtain one of the highest and most attractive commission packages in the banking industry
Attain reputation from affiliation with a well-known banking organization like ONE Bank
Achieve ownership dignity
Differentiate from other existing businesses etc.
Eligibility for Becoming an Agent:
Agent will have at least 1 (One) year old valid business license or permit
Agent must have a clean CIB & Police Verification Report
Non Eligibility for an Agent:
Bank related persons/ Bank officials will not be eligible to become an agent in the same bank within 1 (one) year of his/her retirement or resignation
Anyone who has ongoing agent banking contract with another bank
Defaulters with any bank or financial institution
Convicted by a court of law
Under investigation for any criminal charges
Information & Documents Required from Agents:
Trade License (for Proprietorship Company)
Certificate of Incorporation/ Certificate of Registration, MOA, Latest X & XII From (for Limited Company)
Description of the business activities for the last one year (Business Profile)
Address and contact details of the Agent
NID & passport sized photograph of the Business Owners/ Directors
Bank Solvency Certificate
CIB Report of the Business Owners/ Directors
Police Verification Certificate/Passport of the Business Owners/ Directors
Tax Certificate and/or TIN Certificate
Reference letter from at least two local persons with good social standing
Application for becoming an Agent of ONE Bank
Self-declaration that the Agent is not convicted by a court or under investigation for any criminal charges or terrorist financing activities
Self-declaration that the agent is not involved into agent banking with any other banks
Any other relevant information that impacts the agent
Business Hours for Agent Banking:
Conventional banking hour can be maintained but Agent has the freedom to extend business hours with prior approval from ONE Bank. Transactions should remain for the whole duration of business hours.
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