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OBL Protect - Personal Loan
OBL Protect - Personal Loan is an unsecured and terminating loan facilities (EMI based) for any legitimate purpose with Life Insurance coverage and competitive interest rate.
Loan amount ranges from Tk.50,000 to Tk.20,00,000
Death Coverage: 100 % of Outstanding Balance (Maximum BDT 20,00,000 per life)
Permanent Total Disability Coverage: 100% of Outstanding Balance (Maximum BDT 20,00,000 per life)
Loan tenor ranges from 12 to 60 months
Interest rate:
Salaried - 9.00%
Businessman - 9.00%
Landlord - 9.00%
Minimal documentation
Any credit worthy individual having age between 21 to 59 years.
Professional Experience:
Salaried Executives: Minimum 2 years of experience with 6 months permanent employment with present employer
Professionals: Minimum 2 years of practice in the profession and business
Business Individuals: Minimum 2 years in present line of business
Minimum Gross Monthly Income:
Salaried Executives: Minimum Tk 25,000 per month
Professionals, Business Person & Land Lord: Minimum Tk 50,000 per month
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