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ONE 2 3 Scheme is a lucrative offer from ONE Bank Limited making your deposits grow by folds over a certain period of time.
ONE 2 3 Scheme requires a fixed deposit of Tk.5,000/ or its multiple for your chosen tenor.
One copy of attested passport size photograph of Applicant.
One copy of passport size photograph of each of the Nominees should be submitted.
Only for Retail/ Individual Customer can open the Deposit Scheme.
Deposit Receipt:
A ONE-2-3 Deposit Receipt will be issued at the time of opening the account.
In case of loss or damage of the Deposit Receipt, at the request of Depositor(s), the bank may issue a Duplicate Receipt. Rules pertaining to Issuance of Duplicate Receipt will then apply.
Pre-mature Encashment:
Deposit may be withdrawn at any point in time, in case of emergency.
Credit facility:
Depositor(s) can avail Loan/Overdraft facility against pledge of Deposit Receipt up to 90% of the deposit upon fulfillment of terms and conditions applicable for Loans & Advances extended by the Bank.
If the Depositor expires after availing a Loan/Overdraft, Nominees/Heirs will be paid the balance amount after making full adjustment of Loan/Overdraft including accrued interest and other charges, if any.
ONE-2-3/ Double & Triple Deposit Schemes
Type of Scheme (ONE Bank Limited) Tenure Interest Rate
Double Benefit 9 Years & 9 Months 7.25%
Two & Half Times Benefit
(2.5 times the initial deposit amount)
13 Years & 1 Month 7.25%
Triple  Benefit
(3 times the initial deposit amount)
15 Years & 8 Months 7.25%
Half Yearly Compounding
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