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OBL Retailers Account
OBL Retailers Account is a current Taka account for Individual Retailers who are engaged in small business or micro-level business, those who operate business or services at personal level through different social media platform and those who are marginal sellers and service providers etc.
Minimum Initial deposit amount is BDT 1,000/- only
Account Maintenance Fee: BDT 200/- to be charged half-yearly
SMS Alert Charge: BDT 200 yearly
Free Internet Banking (Token charge is applicable as per Schedule of Charges)
Free Online Charge
Debit Card Charge: 50% waiver on Debit Card charge mentioned in Schedule of Charges (New issue and renewal)
Through debit card the account holder will get special discounts in different outlets like Restaurants, Life style, Health check-up etc.
Any Bangladeshi citizen
Age 18 years and above
Deposit Products